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Toate informatiile publicate pe acest blog reprezinta opinia mea despre pietele financiare si nu trebuie considerate recomandari de investitii. Discutii in jurul subiectelor publicate sunt binevenite si incurajate deoarece scopul acestui blog este sa invatam unul de la altul si sa castigam impreuna experienta pe pietele financiare.

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  • Believe Your Eyes, Not Your Brains. Ask Yourself What, Not Why.

    Seventeen thousand money managers around the globe pay to use BlackRock’s Aladdin risk assessment platform to manage $15 Trillion.  Therefore, nearly 7% of the world’s $225 Trillion in financial assets are being managed by people who all ponder t [...]

  • Humility in Trading

    Don't be a hero. Don't have an ego. Always question yourself and your ability. Don't ever feel that you are very good. The second you do, you are dead.Paul Tudor Jones

  • Technical Analysis Applied to Long Term Investing

    Moving averages have captured the imagination (and increasingly the managed money) of advisors these days, and it’s easy to see why, at least through the lens of history. Consider a simple strategy benchmark with an initial weighting of 60% stocks (repr [...]

  • The GOLDen Consolidation Range

    In the previous post discussing Gold in January 2011, it was said that “the next target after the following likely correction is 1600 which may be touched in January – March 2012. Nevertheless, we should be aware that the uptrend may accelerate and be [...]

  • US Homebuilding Stocks Gave Early Signal of Housing Top and Housing Bottom

    THIS IS WHY WE FOLLOW CHARTS ... We've been treated to a lot of bullish news on the housing sector over the last month. Builders broke ground on more homes during October. Residential construction rose last month at the highest rate in more than four [...]

  • The Foundation of Technical Analysis

    Simply stated, Dorsey, Wright focuses on the “price” of a security, because it is the ultimate determinant of supply and demand in the marketplace. When you cut through all the red tape on Wall Street, what moves stock (and thus ETF) prices is supply [...]

  • S&P500 Potential Downtrend Target

    The S&P 500 is in a long-term uptrend on this chart and there were two sharp corrections in 2010 and 2011 (17% and 19.7%). A similar correction (18%) would carry the index to the low 1200s. There is, however, a higher support zone around 1300. Th [...]

  • 10-year Treasury Yield to Show the Way

    Signs of strength in the economy usually push treasuries lower and yields higher. Signs of weakness usually put a bid into treasury prices and push yields lower.Chart above shows the 10-year Treasury Yield ($TNX) hitting resistance in the 18.5-1 [...]

  • Nasdaq Tests 200-day Moving Average

    Nasdaq Tests 200-day Moving Average: With a sharp decline the last five weeks, the Nasdaq is poised to test its rising 200-day moving average. The red line is the 200-day and this key average was last tested in early June. Note that the index is underperf [...]

  • BRD - The Relative Breakdown against BETXT

    Weekly chart of BRD against BETXT.


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