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Scriu ca sa nu uit. Informatii din domenii precum social media, tehnologie, telefonie mobila sau doar ganduri personale.

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  • Should designers take over the world?

    Should designers code? Should designers be managers? Should designers take over the world?

  • Finding the right tool chain

    Over the past few months I've had the opportunity to meet some of the guys that are making our design days so good. It's so weird to find, as a designer, the perfect motivation but after the first Sketch hackathon (ever?) I was so hyped that a couple of [...]

  • Designing in 2016

    Last year was one of the best years for digital designers. It was the year when designing for mobile interfaces got so much easier. The major change was ditching Photoshop for a better alternative, Sketch. If you are still using Photoshop for app design, [...]

  • Design Feedback: Do's and Don'ts

    I've been thinking over the past few months, while working with developers, product owners, managers and so many other people, how difficult it is for a designer to understand the feedback he is given. Each stakeholder has it's own way of giving his opin [...]

  • Stop redesigning and start creating

    I don't think there's a single day on Dribbble without a redesign of Facebook, Imdb, Twitter, Netflix and probably every single digital network out there. So if your plan is to be a copy cat designer, this is the best way to start your career. But if [...]

  • The never ending process of becoming a good designer

    Becoming a designer is not something you decide when you are 6 years old and you are being asked in the kinder garden: "What would you like to be when you grow up?" The very early stages Yes, sometimes people find their call earlier, although I think i [...]

  • Love the design process, hate the pixels

    Working in the design field is a wonderful thing, for many reasons. One of them is that we can make things work and feel better, like turning complicated actions into a simple tap or refreshing content with a simple gesture. Nowadays design is becoming m [...]

  • Short Update: Switching to english

    After spending 5-6 years speaking mostly in english, I realized that this has become a lot easier for me and it's actually something I wanted to try a long time ago. So here it goes. Going full english with the blog I know I don't write much. Not pla [...]

  • Moin moin Hamburg

    Primele zile in Dusseldorf m-au prins la inceputul lunii August, in urma cu 5 ani de zile. Tin minte si acum caldura primelor zile (total nespecifica locului) si descoperirea primelor strazi din Flingern - unice in Dusseldorf. 5 ani plini de multe implin [...]

  • Viitorul ceasurilor: Smartwatch, Hibrid sau Clasic?

    Citeam ieri un articol despre istoria ceasurilor, trecerea lor din buzunar pe mana, criza elvetiana la aparitia mecanismului cu quartz, rolul lor in razboi si salvarea numita Swatch Group. Pentru oricine e pasionat de ceasuri, merita citit (linkul mai jos [...]


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