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Blogul firmei Marconi Media este despre web design, SEO, xHTML+CXX, Google Update si multe alte informatii importante pentru clienti si nu numai.

  • Data adaugare: 21.07.2011
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  • Responsive Web Design

    Ce este Responsive Web Design? RWD este o abordare noua in materie de web design, care permite o vizualizare optima pe aproape orice tip de ecran: desktop, tableta sau telefon mobil. RWD are cateva avantaje clare: desi pretul este mai mare, un site fully [...]

  • Google Website Track Record

    Again, it’s been a long time since our last Blog article has seen the light of day. We’ve decided to write about a very vaguely known Google ranking factor: the website track record. Before we enter into any details I would like to state that [...]

  • Google Author Rank

    Google Author Rank: It’s been a long time since the last article, but a Blog can not be neglected, so we at Marconi Media decided to cover a very interesting subject, that of an imminent new type of Rank, possibly a game changer, because of it’ [...]

  • Search engine algorithm paradigm change: Google invents Entities after Intent

    Not so long ago I was writing about google Intent and how Google now wants to guess what you actually though about when you searched for it, but wrote a misleading keyphrase in the search field. This time it is something different, related to the search c [...]

  • Understanding User Intent in Google’s eyes: The Google Intention Engine

    After the leaking of the Google Quality Rater General Guidelines for 2011, a lot has been going on on the discussion boards, but it is hard to pinpoint the most valuable information in the 125 pages worth of Google quality rater material. It is a very int [...]

  • Google Panda, Google raters, EWOQ and the death of keyword spamming/stuffing for SEO

    A couple of days ago, Barry Schwartz over at wrote about a very interesting manual that has been leaked from Google. Supposedly, this manual deals with the general guidelines of website rating and had been written for the Google searc [...]

  • Elements CMS 6.0 Explained Part 2

    Elements CMS is our proprietary, integrated small, but very efficient Web Content Management System. This is a follow up on my last article, “Elements CMS 6.0 Explained Part 1″. So how does such a small editing panel fulfill all editing purpos [...]

  • Elements CMS 6.0 Explained Part 1

    Among the tens of thousands of websites created upon a free CMS like WordPress, Joomla or Drupal, have you ever asked yourself if one could really get differentiated as much as it’s owner would like? And would that difference really ‘make a di [...]

  • Google Panda 2.5 Update

    Google Panda strikes again! Se pare ca Google continua cu lupta anti continut de slaba calitate: se intrevad modificari clare in rezultatele livrate de gigantul motor de cautare. Mai multe site-uri bine stabilite, create de noi, si-au inceput binecunoscut [...]

  • Reguli CSS refolosibile

    Pe un site web exista de obicei maxim 2-3 tipuri de fonturi, in caz contrar am putea vorbi de un stil incoerent de tipografie. 2-3 stiluri CSS n-ar fi rau, si ar rezulta intr-un fisier CSS ultramic, dar de obicei folosim diferite variante ale aceluiasi st [...]


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